Random picture Sunday: the stay-away-germs edition.

Moving back to East Lansing (and the lovely West Circle complex) in four days. I already feel a cold coming on–my nose is stuffed up and my throat feels swollen.

Seriously, body? Not okay.

I’m about to take some cold pills, grab a heating pad, jump into bed, and attempt to fight this thing off. Last year I got sick and ignored it for a month. It ended up being bronchitis. I’m not making that mistake again.

Cross your fingers that my immune system gets its act together soon, because I  am not starting the year off by hacking my lungs out in class every day. No thank you.

Rock, birthday, loud noises.

Basically, here’s everything I meant to blog about over the past two days but didn’t have time to do:

(1) My sorority pledge class painted the rock Monday night.

Hence the lack of blog post that day. I went to the rock right after my classes ended at 2pm, stayed there a few hours, ran back to my dorm to get warm clothes and everything I needed  to make it through the night, ate dinner, and went back. I was at the rock from about 6pm until just before 7:30am. I got three hours of sleep. I woke up and was so cold that I couldn’t move. But somehow, through all that, I managed to have a great time. Weird, right?

(2) It was my mom’s birthday on Monday.

I called her that night and she told me she has bronchitis. I think there should be a law against being sick –especially having bronchitis!– on your birthday. But hey, at least it happened in the spring so we can’t claim I gave it to her, right? (Mom, feel better soon!)

(3) I got more sleep last night than the two previous nights combined. Seriously, my sleep pattern this week has been awful, even for me. Five hours Saturday night, five on Sunday, three on Monday. I thought I was going to pass out during class yesterday, so I decided to be in bed by midnight, no matter what. (Hence the lack of blog post that day. Class and homework kind of took priority.) I was successful. Hello eight and a half hours of sleep. When was the last time that happened on a school night? No freaking clue.

(4) My roommate and I have had some drama these past few days. Our smoke alarm keeps going off. When there isn’t a fire in our room. It happened a bit last semester, but hadn’t yet this semester–until Sunday night. At around 4am. S made me get out of bed because she thought our room was on fire. When we realized it was our smoke alarm malfunctioning, she smacked it repeatedly until it turned off. It happened again Monday night (when I was sleeping in a tent in the freezing cold) and twice last night. Seriously, not cool.

In other news, the weather sucks. Is it May yet?

Student health centers – convenient, but a little unsettling

I’ve had a terrible cough for about a month. It began as a byproduct of a sore throat, then developed into coughing up mucus (I bet you all really wanted to know that), then worsened as my nose became congested.

For a month, my friends at school have told me to go to the doctor. I interviewed someone from Michigan State’s Olin Health Center about the Social Norms Campaign last Friday, and he spent most of the interview telling me I should go to the doctor. I had lunch with my dad that same day and he told me I might have bronchitis.

It took me a month of nagging, but I finally saw a doctor Friday afternoon. Sure enough, I have bronchitis and allergic rhinitis (which, from what I’ve gathered, is a fancy way of telling me my stuffy nose is because of allergies, not a cold).

I told everyone (and myself) that it took me so long to go to Olin because I didn’t have time. That’s true — my classes are making me run around like a crazy person, and the semester is not even a month old.

But I really avoided seeing an Olin doctor because I didn’t trust they’d catch what I have. I called the 24-hour phone nurse last October because I had a high fever, and they asked me three times if I was pregnant. Three. My roommate’s aunt is a nurse and said it’s possible they asked me because the swine flu is a nasty thing to have when you have a little bugger crawling around your uterus, but seriously? Three times? I was very tempted to say, “Wait, what does that mean again? Oohhhh, yeaaaah, no. I’m not,” by the  third time.

At my appointment Friday, nobody asked me if I was pregnant. It was really weird. But I did have to sit in the examination room for a good 20 minutes before a doctor came in, which I didn’t really enjoy.

I have instructions from just about everyone I know to chill out, so I’m spending today doing homework in my sweats. Brilliant.