Twelve days until I’m reunited with my best friend. I haven’t seen her since Christmas break. (We’re actually skyping as I type this post.)

Oh hey, readers and such: Who are you most excited to see when you go home for the summer? Mine’s a tie between KB and my momma.

Happy Easter! Happy Sunday! Happy twelve-days-left-until-I-go-home!

Having a senior moment.

It’s random picture Sunday. My picture is from senior year. Senior moment? Get it??

Is it just me, or does senior year feel like it was both yesterday and a million years ago? I loved high school, but college is about a thousand times better. Even if I’m constantly busy and never have time to breathe.

So much going on today. As usual. I hope this week goes by quickly — I’m going to Michigan on Friday, then home to Farmington Saturday. I can’t sit still.

Happy Sunday!

I learned it from the bunny.

Spring semester lesson #4: Late night study sessions are inevitable. Late night study sessions with one of your best friends are amazing.

OR, late night study sessions with one of your best friends result in your reading taking you about a half-hour longer than it should have.

Meet CN, my neighbor, other half, coffee buddy, McCreepy, etc. We get a little crazy together. And get a little distracted together. So, logically, studying together was not our best idea, right?

Right. We sat in the study lounge and tried to do our homework, but wound up talking –and laughing– about rabbits and other random things. Though we both got everything done, we were up later than we should’ve been. And are both completely exhausted this morning.

But who cares? I probably would’ve been up that late anyway because I get distracted enough on my own — and I enjoyed my reading about a thousand times more because I had someone to laugh with when we looked outside and saw the same rabbit that had been there twenty minutes earlier. “I think its paw is frozen to the ground. Oh wait, it moved.”

I think the best part about living in the dorms is growing close with the people on your floor. 2nd floor, you ladies are my favorite.