Annie Perry: Writer. Editor. Storyteller.

I wrote my first story in the third grade, although my mother will tell you it was earlier. The story was about a middle-schooler who was struggling with school and whose life was made harder when her math teacher moved in next door. It wasn’t Pulitzer-worthy, by any means, but I vividly remember the intense feeling of triumph when my finger struck the final period, ending the story.

I’ve been a writer ever since.

I received my bachelor’s degree in journalism from Michigan State University in May 2013 and have gained experience in marketing while working for a regional home builder based in the Detroit area. My responsibilities include managing the Facebook pages for the builder’s three divisions, designing marketing materials, and serving as the editor and lead writer for the company’s new blog. Aside from experience in social media marketing, writing, editing, and graphic design, I’ve developed a skill for crafting messages for different media platforms while maintaining a consistent tone to help the company establish and develop its unique brand and voice.

I’m not just a writer, of course. I’m also a runner. A barre class fanatic. A lover of nature, especially the Great Lakes. A musician (sometimes). A silly girl with a corny sense of humor. A 20-something who’s driven and passionate about telling stories.

Check out my blog. If you need help telling your own story, let’s work together.