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Random picture Sunday: the stay-away-germs edition.

Moving back to East Lansing (and the lovely West Circle complex) in four days. I already feel a cold coming on–my nose is stuffed up and my throat feels swollen. Seriously, body? Not okay. I’m about to take some cold … Continue reading

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Rock, birthday, loud noises.

Basically, here’s everything I meant to blog about over the past two days but didn’t have time to do: (1) My sorority pledge class painted the rock Monday night. Hence the lack of blog post that day. I went to … Continue reading

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Student health centers – convenient, but a little unsettling

I’ve had a terrible cough for about a month. It began as a byproduct of a sore throat, then developed into coughing up mucus (I bet you all really wanted to know that), then worsened as my nose became congested. … Continue reading

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