Oh my goodness gracious, where have I been?

Home alone kid
Photo credit: broomstickcomics.com

No blogs in awhile? Not even a random picture on Sunday? I swear, y’all must’ve thought I fell off the face of the earth or something.

Don’t worry, I’m quite alive. After a semester spent glued to my computer (and beginning to develop tendinitis in my left hand, yuck), I decided to boycott my laptop for a few days. Left it on my desk, pretended it didn’t exist, only allowed myself to tweet from my phone. Living in a house without wi-fi makes this feat surprisingly easy.

I couldn’t stay away forever, though. And here are some of the things you can look forward to this summer from this little ginger:

  1. More grammar! I know, who wants to talk about grammar now that we’re on summer vacation? Oh right, I do. We’re continuing our journey through confused word pairs before we dive into some real punctuation doozies. As always, I promise it won’t be totally boring.
  2. A new batch of random pictures! Nobody wants to see any more embarrassing baby Annie photos, so I’m branching out this summer. Knowing me, this will probably end up being lots of pictures of baby animals, but who doesn’t love opening up a browser and seeing a baby sloth? Exactly.
  3. The reading list is back! I’m updated my reading list this summer and am already starting to chip away at it. (I’ve inhaled two books in two days.)

Fun fact: It’s May 10 and I already have a monster sunburn. How do these things happen?

Happy Thursday!