Spring semester lesson 4: Learn a new language.

But not really.

I stumbled on this little gem while I was on Google+ earlier, and instantly fell in love. (Pun fully intended–it is V-day, after all!)

So many people stress gift-buying on Valentine’s Day: finding the perfect chocolate, the perfect flowers, the perfect jewelry. But what’s really important? Telling people you love how you really feel. 

Today, I’m going to do that. In multiple languages.

Just wanted to say I love you.

J: je t’aime. (French)
S: ti amo. (Italian)
My parents: kocham ciebie. (Polish)
My siblings: te quiero. (Spanish)
My AOIIs: s’agapo. (Greek)
KRAK: mai aap say pyaar karta hoo. (Urdu)
RASAM: ani ohev otah. (Hebrew – to female)
JCC boys: ani ohev et otha. (Hebrew – to male)
To everyone else:  taim i’ ngra leat. (Irish)

(For more ways  to say “I love you,” check out memrise!)

Happy Tuesday! Happy V-day!

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2 Responses to Spring semester lesson 4: Learn a new language.

  1. Cheese says:

    Hahaha!! The Japanese?? Guy in the fur hat!! :) hahahah!!

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