365 days of happiness: day 348-352

Day 348—This:


I hung out with E, my sorority big sister, on Friday. You know those friendships where you can pick up right where you left off, even if you don’t see each other too often? That’s my friendship with E.

Day 349—This:


J and I went to Frankenmuth for the first time on Saturday! We walked around downtown, sat by the river, and ate dinner at Zehnder’s. It was beautiful outside—sunny and cool—and a perfect day to explore downtown.

Day 350—This:

Photo: Trinity Episcopal Church website

Easter Sunday is one of my favorite holidays. I attend a small church tucked back in the woods, and Easter usually falls during the time when things are starting to turn green. Between the happiness felt in the church and the beauty found in the surrounding area, it’s hard not to leave with a full heart.

Day 351—This:

Photo: Royal Oak Patch

Yesterday, I spent the evening at Hamlin Corner with three of my favorite guys. We were out way too late—I’m still waiting for the exhaustion to hit—but I don’t regret it for one second.

Day 352—This:


Sometimes, you just need a big, tall smoothie to kick-start your day.

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365 days of happiness: day 347



Fellow Midwesterners, and all others affected by the Polar Vortex: have you had that moment yet where you think, man, I can’t believe we made it through this winter?

For me, that really sunk in today. I was at the park at lunch, sitting in my usual spot by the river. I was far enough away from the road where all I could hear were birds singing and the water splashing over rocks on the river bed. I looked around me, taking in the green grass and blue sky, and realized how colorful the world had suddenly become. I know it’s been a gradual process, but to me, it seemed to happen overnight.

You know I love snow and winter—I’ve blogged about it countless times, including just two days ago!—but I really missed color. And it’s just going to get better; soon, we’ll have leaves and flowers and fruit and birds and everything else that adds color to this landscape.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me pretty dang happy.

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365 days of happiness: day 346



I was supposed to go for a run this afternoon. I wasn’t sure how far I was going to go, but it was going to be pretty far to make up for doing barely any running last week. I went to Stony Creek, started my usual route, realized how cold and windy it was, said awwww hell naw! and turned around and ran back to my car.

So much for making up for last week.

But, I won’t be able to wuss out on running much longer (I have to start training for a half marathon soon—eeeeek!), so I took advantage of it for today. I went home, painted my nails and watched Friends with the cat.

Also, side note: manicure photos are really, really awkward. I felt like there was no good way to do it. So, I apologize for giving you a weird picture for today.

Happy Wednesday!

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365 days of happiness: day 344, 345

Day 344—This:


T and I have the sassiest, craziest, goofiest cat in the world—and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

Day 345—This:


While the rest of the Midwest was complaining about the snow, I was smiling about it. When I looked out my window and saw snow, I couldn’t help but feel that twinge of excitement in the pit of my stomach—the same one I’ve had with nearly every snowfall this year. Part of me was worried that this ultra-brutal winter would ruin snow for me, but this morning’s dusting made me realize that it hadn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so ready for spring. I’m ready for shorts and humid evenings and flowers and the way everything smells after a good rain. But it was nice to step outside, breathe in the cold air, and remember that despite everything that happened this crazy winter, I still love snow.

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365 days of happiness: day 337-343

So, you know those weeks where 7 days pass by before you know it? That was this past week for me. Beautiful days + wonderful people = one very fast week. Here’s what happened:

Day 337–This:

photo 4

How could you not love FaceTiming with this little face?

Monday evening, I went to J’s for dinner. We ordered a pizza, FaceTimed with K and Baby L, and did a lot of nothing. J and I see each other quite a bit, especially compared to when we were up at school, but I feel like we don’t often have evenings of simply nothing. I’m glad we had that on Monday.

Day 338–This:

Every now and then, I need some fuzz therapy. When I’m feeling down, I snuggle and nuzzle Oz until he gets annoyed and runs away. If I’m lucky, he’s feeling needy, too, and won’t leave until I’m ready to let go. This was the case on Tuesday, and it was exactly what I needed.

Day 339–This:


J and I made our own beer! J’s sister gave him a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas, and we finally made it Wednesday evening. It needs to ferment for two weeks and then bottle for another two, so we won’t know how it tastes for a while… but still! We made beer!

Day 340–This:

Photo via Om Cafe

On Thursday, I caught up with an old friend at Om Cafe in Ferndale. Happiness #1: I haven’t seen this friend in a couple of year–we tried to pinpoint the last time, but couldn’t–so I had a great time chatting and catching up. Happiness #2: Om Cafe has probably the most delicious smoothie I’ve ever had. I don’t remember everything that was in it, but it was made with organic apple juice, blueberries, and some sort of red fruit. If you go there, you have to try it. I think I might begin making some of my smoothies with apple juice, because it was sooo good.

Day 341–This:


Friday was a little rough. I was supposed to go to East Lansing Friday evening, but my tire–more specifically, the giant screw lodged in my right rear tire–had other plans. After fighting with the flat tire (thank you, Mom and Dad, for being lifesavers on that front) and reciting every swear word I know in my head, I admitted defeat and stayed with J in Farmington that night.

When I got to J’s apartment, the window in his living room was wide open, and I could hear the river running beside his apartment. Leave it to nature (and J) to calm me down after a frustrating evening.

Day 342–This:

photo 1

After getting my tire fixed, I jetted up to East Lansing for my sorority’s philanthropy event. It was a bowling tournament, and we had two alumnae teams playing, so I got to see a bunch of sisters I hadn’t seen in a while. I’m absolutely awful at bowling (but managed to get two strikes!), but it was still an awesome time.

After the philanthropy event, I went to Grand Rapids to spend the night with S, J and H. We went to dinner at The Electric Cheetah and I had an incredibly delicious bowl of macaroni and cheese. We giggled our way through dinner–at one point, to tears–and probably caused a scene in the middle of a small-but-busy restaurant. To me, that’s the best way to spend an evening with three great friends.

Day 343–This:

photo 2

Our doorwall has been open all day, with the exception of a 2-minute freak rainstorm we had this afternoon. I love this weather. Can you believe it was 13 degrees below zero just a few short months ago?

Also, in case you were wondering: yes, Oz has been sitting just like that this entire afternoon. What a goof.

Happy Sunday!


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365 days of happiness: day 333-336

Day 333—This:


Thursday’s weather was miserable. It was cold and rainy—the kind of spring rain that lasts all day. It finally stopped raining around 5:00, just as I was leaving work. As I was waiting to pull onto the main road, I noticed a full rainbow etched across the sky. The first rainbow of spring. It made that bone-chilling, all-day rain so worth it.

Day 334—This: Buzzfeed is at it again! This time, it was a list of 75 thoughts every runner has while out for a run. I’d say I think 85% of these thoughts every time I pull out my running shoes. Read it. It’s hysterical.

Day 335—This:

Photo via HD Wallpapers

My mom and I watched Frozen on Saturday. Still just as good the third time around.

Day 336—This:


Today involved lunch and too much ice cream with two good friends from my camp days. It was a beautiful day and a great afternoon to spend with friends—which made for a wonderful Sunday.

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365 days of happiness: day 332


“Sweet Annie” came on the radio on my way to work and on my way to lunch. Both times, a huge smile stretched across my face the moment I heard those first chords.

Also, I totally puddled up while watching the video. Which is a little sad, but whatever.

Happy Wednesday!

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